Tom Chi  

CHI 2004

March 10th, 2004 by Tom Chi :: see related comic

The last day for early registration at CHI 2004 is March 10. After this date, registration is still open (through April 7) but costs $200 more. Also, if you are a student, the discount is considerable so register early and take advantage of all the perks you can get!

The conference is in Vienna this year and promises to break a lot of new ground by covering a number of special topics including: ambient intelligence, games, mobile computing, and robotics. Beyond the fancy stuff, the core program seems to be a good mixture of academic and commercial perspectives to HCI. Overall it will be an excellent event for advancing our discipline as well as making connections across our various sub-communities. It’s a great venue for personal and professional development, and I hope that many of our readers will be able to make it out there!

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