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Announcing OK/Cancel Forums

February 13th, 2004 by Kevin Cheng :: see related comic

Between the Jobs site, the rap and today’s double sized comic, you’d think we’d be content but we’re chugging along with more. OK/Cancel has been doing pretty well lately. We’ve had Don Norman duke it out with Tom Chi. Steve Krug, Shneiderman and others have stopped by to say “hi” and a lot of other people are participating in discussions that have gone from MC battles to full scale debates. It’s time to take the site and turn the heat up to 8 on your Likert scale. Introducing the OK/Cancel Forums for HCI, Usability and friends at As an added incentive, the first thing you can do is vote for how you want this comic strip to end!Our objective is to create a place for people in the industry, or interested in the industry, to hold discussions. Granted, we’re not the first to offer such a service. Mailing likes such as CHI-Web and SigIA are great places to hold discussions as well and they go straight to your inbox.

The difference is that we’re here primarily to have fun. People in the industry have started taking themselves too seriously and forgotten the fun in our profession. Also, we are starting this off from the start with a few moderators to help the forums along. The intent is not to rule over the discussions with an iron fist but to ensure things are running smoothly and the signal is where the signal should be while the noise is where the noise should be.

For now, there are only two discussion boards: General and Interfaces. I suspect that as we progress and grow, we’ll need to add more so people don’t have to sift through too many threads that don’t interest them.

We think this place will be fun to hang out in. Come check it out and get involved!

One last note: registration is required but your information is kept private. When you register, remember to go to your profile and choose one of the funky OK/Cancel avatars we’ve created for you!

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