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Talk about dedication

December 26th, 2003 by Tom Chi :: see related comic

It’s the middle of the holidays — KC is galavanting about Europe and yet he still had time to write an in-depth essay about how HCI people should distinguish their roles in an organization. Me on the other hand have barely pulled together enough (after eating too much holiday dinner) to post the comic.

I’m not completely sure why it’s been so hard for HCI people to define themselves. I don’t buy the creative aspect of the argument, since there are plenty of creative professionals who have clearly defined their roles. For example a video game might have character designers, set and background artists, level designers, etc. Maybe HCI is too young, or has been applied to too haphazard a fashion. Maybe because their are so few university programs which specialized in HCI, and virtually none who create a taxonomy of specialization beyond the umbrella “HCI” or “CHI” or “UCD” or “Human Factors” (wow, we got a lot of umbrellas).

Too much to think about tonight. Time to sleep. The readers can hash it out perhaps.

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