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What is this strip about?

November 24th, 2003 by Tom Chi :: see related comic

Alright, so the word on the street is that this week’s strip is pretty esoteric. The dude in panel 3 is Jonathan Ive, who heads up Apple’s industrial design group. He’s worked on designs for the G5, iPod, and gumdrop iMac among others, and was recently named designer of the year by London’s Design Museum. Despite the press, he is described as “accessible and friendly, almost egoless”. Thus the strip.

Anyway, hopefully it’s a lot funnier now that I wrote a paragraph to explain it… no? Rats.

3 Responses to “What is this strip about?”
Kevin Cheng wrote:

I just thought it was funny to draw Mac zealots worshipping Apple designers like they are deities =)

Wundt wrote:

An award from the London Design Museum does not impress me very much. I visited the Museum a couple of years ago and found it to be, in short, poorly designed. The focus was exhibits was on aesthetics; there was virtually no discussion of usability or ‘user experience’. The building itself had a single relatively small spiral staircase to get to the galleries, making a usability (people coming up and down had to move out of each other’s way) and accessibility headache (disabled access to the elevator was clearly an afterthought). I was embarrassed that this is the representation of my profession non-designers are exposed to. Skip it if you happen to be in London.

KC wrote:

I’ve heard this and thus, haven’t been to visit despite living here for the past year. I think Ive’s portfolio speaks for itself though so while the particular award may not impress, he’s certainly done some good work with the iPod etc.

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