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Oh yeah.

October 10th, 2003 by Tom Chi :: see related comic

Just because we wrote some serious stuff this week, don’t expect us to start being serious all the time now. Those who don’t want to read the essay can at least check the funky inline collapse/expand that KC implemented. I find myself showing and hiding the full articles just because I can.

5 Responses to “Oh yeah.”
Wes wrote:

Mmmmmm, expand and collapse, expand and collapse…

Jeff wrote:

It would be nice if the back button reversed my collapse/expand. But the back button just transitions me between pages, not the states within a page. Oh well.

xyph wrote:

Heh, I had exactly the same complaint. Since I wasn’t reading the page fullscreen, I didn’t notice that the rest of the page stayed the same when you clicked on that link - so I hit back to get back from the collapse. On the other hand, I *did* notice that the link didn’t show javascript or anything, so I assumed it would be a real link.

Phil Wilkins wrote:

Funky, yes, usefull, arguable, caused me to miss the articles and wonder what the hell Joel had linked to, definately.

Kevin Cheng wrote:

Are people missing the “Show Full Article” link entirely? If so, putting the full article on a separate page wouldn’t really solve this problem. I’m open to suggestions but I don’t want to implement the wrong solution, either.

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