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Ivan’s T-Shirt

October 31st, 2003 by Kevin Cheng :: see related comic

Meri has already pointed this out in the comments section before I could get around to posting about it. Yes, Ivan is wearing an OK/Cancel T-shirt. We’ve had some inquiries about making one and this is an idea for a design. The front centre(center) features the OK/Cancel logo. The back features the “Kicking the Llama” strip and underneath, the text “Interface Your Fears.” which is not shown in the strip.

I had in mind a black t-shirt but Ivan fancies blue so we drew a blue shirt. The problem is, we have no idea how to get such shirts made at a reasonable cost (to you and to us). We’ve looked at cafepress, zazzle, 99dogs, customink, madmerch, and all of them cost around USD$20. Our biggest problems are that we use a lot of colours so we can’t do traditional screen printing and we have about a 50/50 split in USA/UK readers (plus many other countries) so shipping may be an issue. If anyone has any insight or experience into making T-shirts, please let me know. We’d love to see this shirt become reality!

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Mike Kim wrote:

If you made these, I would TOTALLY buy one.

Meri wrote:

Yeah me too. I can see the problem with the cartoon strip and its multiple colours though … that would probably be better suited to a mug or something. Would you consider just doing OK/Cancel Interface Your Fears shirts without the cartoon? I agree you’re going to have a lot of trouble getting that many colours done cheaply and also stuff with that much printing doesn’t tend to last long.

Eli Chan wrote:

How about a black and white version? I know that means more work, but you guys have plenty of time, right? :) Oh yeah, hi KC!

Mala wrote:

If I were you I would call MadMerch again. 1-877-623-6372 They are negotiating prices right now and they ship to various countries. They are 100% owned by MadMerch and no longer have a parent company which gives them more freedom. GrandLove Story is in Norway and they are cool. Ask for Danny or just simply email me your stats on what your’e looking for and we may be able to get a better price than $20.00

Clark Haddock wrote:

I own a t-shirt company and I would be glad to help. I am currently uplaoding our new database of products but the site should be up later next week if you would like to go and view some of our products. If you want to get a price quote you can email me or gives us a call at 706-534-9614.

Clark Haddock

Clark Haddock wrote:

Check out our site at

terribletshirts wrote:

You may consider finding a printer that can do dye sublimation.

With dye sublimation, they can print the picture onto special paper with special inks that are then heat pressed and actually dyes the fabric.

for low volume multicolor, I think it would be hard for a screen printer to beat what dye sublimation could offer price wise.

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