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October 27th, 2003 by Kevin Cheng :: see related comic

As it seems to be trendy for columnists to invent words and phrases, I couldn’t help jumping on the bandwagon. I know this word seems to have been used elsewhere via a quick Google but I will define it here.

Explosure (ik-splo’zh’r) n.

  1. The act or instance of sudden and unexpected large scale appearance to public image, especially in media.
  2. Getting linked by a lot of thoughtful bloggers and columnists, including Jakob Nielsen, Joel Spolsky, Usability News, Matt Jones, Joshua Kaufman and so many others from countries including UK, USA, Brazil, Israel and Spain.

Thanks to everyone for all explosure. We didn’t expect this sort of attention and certainly not this quickly. We are working to incrementally improve this site and welcome suggestions for comic ideas, topics, and of course, user feedback!

2 Responses to “Explosure”
Tom Chi wrote:

Hey, don’t forget the Russians over at livejournal. They’ve helped a bunch too.

Roomba Review wrote:

Count me in as coming through Matt Jones, but I think the ‘Explosure’ had more to do with the incredible quality of this site rather than the external links.

Keep up the great work guys! This has quickly become one of my favorite sites on the web!

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