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Hello World

September 19th, 2003 by Tom Chi :: see related comic

Walkthrough log: at 2:27am GMT, user ‘KC’ enters the site. After various expletives he notes that the back-end is not complete. User then begins to examine source files. 2:57am: My time-on-task stopwatch for “find the ‘About’ section” has looped back to zero. User has undergone a series of woeful setbacks, noting the lack of RSS, commenting engine, search, archiving, mail strip, and the inclusion of a menu that just honestly does nothing. 3:51am, user has edited the source files, improving the alignment of our div. He has also taken to improving the consistency of our visual metaphors. 4:17am, the camera in the control room is out of tape.

And so it begins.

3 Responses to “Hello World”
Roomba Review wrote:

This comment may be a little late, but I just started going through all of the archives and I wanted to say thanks for all the hard work and keep it coming!


Shawn wrote:

The comic stip is brilliant guys. Not the funniest thing in the world, but funny enough that I read all of them back to the beginning.

Good luck with this site…not sure what it’s about yet (other than UI), since I’ve only read the comics after being directed here from a job postings link in an newsgroup e-mail from UNC.

Gary wrote:

Great site, I am catching up with the archives, lots of funny stuff :)

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