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7 Responses to “Ajax to the Max”
All Purpose products wrote:

Fantastik-All Purpose-Mr. Clean-
AJAX may contain harmful ingredients to users and keep out of reach of children and pets. Ahhhhhhh at last Lovely organic SPARKLE!!!!!!!!

We’re saved!!

We love you Microsoft Sparkle team
you truly design for the user to design and learn naturally and let
her/his imaginative
creativity go wild.

Alan wrote:

Even * / *? That’s pretty obvious!

But actually, that would be usuable if only those on a “web team” — a group in charge of website content, as opposed to one webmaster — had this instant editability thing going on. In other words, not just * / *!

Damaco wrote:

Could anyone please tell me what “*/*” means??

Damaco wrote:

“/” = “* / *”, sorry for mistyping.

Jordan Meeter wrote:

Yeh, I was wondering what “* / *” was as well.

ford wrote:

“Even *I* can see that’s unusable”

Matti "Lumpio-" Virkkunen wrote:

Wow, this is awesome, my thoughts exactly. This comic will probably end up on my “links to give to people who misuse the word ‘Ajax’” list.

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